Logo Guidelines

  • No changing our logos’ aspect ratio.
  • Never selfhost our logos, you can only use it from our websites.
  • You may not put other content over our logos.
  • Do not modify our logos in any way, shape of form.
  • The background color should be a shade of gray #d9d9d9 or lighter.
  • Follow any guidelines specific to the logo you choose (found on the product's website and below).

Full logos

  • At least 3 pixels of padding on all sides.
  • Minimum height of 25 pixels.

Mini logo

  • The padding on each side of the logos should be at least 30% the width of the icon, and the padding on each side should all be equal.
  • The minimum size of the logos’ content (not including padding, margin, border, outline, etcetera) is 15 by 15 pixels.
  • If possible, you should always use the full logo. You may use the mini logos only if you have the full brand name nearby or if the large logo is also shown somewhere on the page.